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Why We Enjoy Being An Auto Locksmith In Robeson County, N. C.
Being an auto locksmith is a calling in 28359, and it has called the whole family. We are Joe and Deanna Brena the Owners of Kwik Key. Joe has 20 years knowledge and training as a locksmith and he will train his son  Corey Brena will run the family business in time. Kwik Key is here to assist your retail locksmith needs in Robeson County, NC with our retail store. You can order keys in our retail location in 28358. Plus,  we also have great remotes and fob selection to buy in our store location in Lumberton, NC.
When in comes to your mobile locksmith needs in 28360, no problems. Kwik Key has stayed current with technology and we are ready to service your car lock­out in  28359. Your auto lockout is important to us  and we provide fast mobile locksmith services in Pembroke, NC 28358. We want to help our customers  get in their car and on their way. Kwik Key is your auto locksmith in Lumberton, NC and we are here to help  with extracting those broken keys in 28359. Even if you need your transponder key fixed in Lumberton, NC, we will help with our OEM­ compliant equipment and Think of Kwik Key when you need a locksmith in Robeson County, NC  your auto locksmith in Robeson County NC
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Best Locksmith in Lumberton Review NC 

We have your Car Keys as well as your remotes..for any car at all 

There isn’t any Lock he cannot get into..

Or Key He Cannot Copy 

Locksmith in Lumberton, NC Review Call 1-910-446-9147

When he puts a lock on a door he isn’t simply putting it on..no.. He is guaranteeing your safety!

And when he is getting you back in your car,,.. He isn’t just duplicating a key NO!

He is returning to you your freedom to travel wherever you like!

And when he fixes the ignition in your car, that is not all he is doing, No, not by a long shot..

He is giving you another way to get wherever you want to go!

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We sell transponder automotive keys and remotes in Lumberton Robeson County. 910-446-9147

The majority of cars produced after 1998 are generally equipped with transponder keys in Lumberton, NC. If you do not have a transponder key automobile you need to look at a transponder key as an added safety feature for your car.

A transponder key is remote, they can have remote head keys that run ignition and open doors or they can be separate fobs that open the car door without affecting the ignition transponder.

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Why We Enjoy Being An Auto Locksmith In Robeson County, N. C.
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It feels really good to know you can count on this great auto locksmith in Lumberton, NC. When you are at the end of your rope because you are locked out of your car in 28359. We at Kwik Key understand. When we get a call from a stranded person whose car keys get locked in. We are sensitive to car lockout in 28358. It can happen to anyone at any time and we realize that it can be a stressful time.  ‚Äč
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If You Need A Key In Lumberton, NC  910-446-9147  Kwik Key Solutions We like to stay current with the latest technology in the auto locksmith trade in Lumberton, NC. Not only do we repair and assess your security. You can order a basic car remote starting at 34.99 from Kwik Key. They are also handy to have when you have full hands and need to get into your car.

If you are upset because your old car remote is broken. Kwik Key has your solution. Depending on what’s wrong with your old one we can repair or replace your remote or maybe you would like to order a new remote or key in Lumberton, NC so you and your partner each have one.

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Joe from Kwik Key will never deny his love for auto locksmith  service, but there is no denying that Lumberton, NC Kwik Keys is  also an expert home locksmith in Lumberton, NC too.

Kwik Key is excellent at  securing your home in 28358. We can suggest simple improvements  as in a safety check to help your home security in Lumberton, NC.  

Whether you need door repair or your home rekeyed in 28359  Kwik Key is there to help with your home lockout in 28359. We understand the true frustration you feel when you are locked  out of your home in 28360. Order your home safety  inspection or call us with any concerns to your home security.  

Get Kwik Key to assist you if you are locked out of your house in Lumberton, NC. Give Joe at Kwik Key a call for home lock repair in 28360. You can count on his 20+ years of experience to get you  back into your home, without damaging your locks. Kwik  Key offers mobile locksmith services in Lumberton,  NC and sometimes situations call for you  to order a home rekey in 28358.  

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By lemaster 14 Oct, 2016
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